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Unfortunately, she had been a bit depressed recently, her best friend Tracy, who had in the last few years been more of a girlfriend than best friend, and Tracy's older cousin Blaire, had moved away at the end of the summer.

The last three years had been wonderful, but it had been very hard trying to keep it a secret from her older sister Allison who she still lived with.

Quickly, she grabbed the mags and butt plug, and hid them in the closest available spot, her half-opened back pack that was sitting on the bed next to the box. Her sister laughed, Cindy didn't know if her sister suspected her to be a lesbian, she probably did, but neither of them ever brought it up.

Quickly after she hid the goods, she threw the box into the closet, turned around, and walked out of her room. The next day, she walked the two blocks she did to school everyday, completely forgetting though that she had left her new gift in her back pack the night before.

Cindy This is a story in continuation of the "My first camping trip" series.

it features the same main character, Cindy, but takes place a few years later. 3 years had gone by since that first trip into her sexual life at this point, and physically, she had grown a bit.

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