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And i found it cleans me out and makes playing with my ***** or anal sex even more pleasurable :) I loved the...

In the 50's my mother used to host a bridge club on a regular rotating basis.

I was in the hospital for surgery on my ear the next day.

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Before that she gave me bulb enemas either over her knee or laying on my side on my bed or the bathroom floor .. I called him to ask what happen, the main cable to the building was cut by an accident and will be fixed only tomorrow.well, for me it's a day I started the day by a good enema, in... Earlier today I read a story on here about how someone gave themselves an enemas by pushing bananas up their ***.Once I hit my teenage years, I never fussed about them ever again. i've been into enemas for years and started giving them to myself several years ago.i can take multiple 2qt enemas in sessions and have the desire to increase volumes i can take and retain comfortably for longer.given them It's an experience and shared time that I dearly look forward to every week.I feel great and energized afterwards and that all the toxins have been eliminated from me. This story is about an enema I received from my Mother in Law. It began when my wife an I were visiting from out of town.

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