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The second roster update for Madden NFL 13, that will represent the opening week rosters for the regular season, is scheduled to release tomorrow on the Xbox 360 and PS3 for use in Play Now and Online games.

Early next week the 53 man rosters will be available to choose from when starting up a new Connected Career.

I still think they should have put a reset button somewhere in the settings though. I assume that will reset any stats I tweaked while trying to get a few of the trophies. After a while I felt that I didn't want them anymore, so I had to delete my roster save Thanks, but I figured it out. Head to the savefiles and look for a Madden save game called Roster. Delete it, and once you reload the game, all team lineups and player stats will be reset to their original settings.

Continue on to check out all the details of the soon to be released update and leave any thoughts in the comments!

Well, if Madden 10 (I've never played it for the Xbox 360) has Create-A-Player, you can technically update the rosters. The servers for Madden 10 have been permanently shut down.

After a week of play this is clearly a different Madden than you’re used to playing. Take control of the biggest stars using new controls and AI to win in Madden 17.

has been released today on the Play Station 3, Play Staton 4, XBOX 360, and XBOX One.

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