Tips for dating a workaholic

You’ve been alone all this time, why the sudden change of heart?Has your loneliness grown so big— bigger than the fear you once had about being trapped in a soul-cutting relationship? If you’re only doing this for your phallus interest, then there are plenty of ways your blue balls can be attended to.Plus, it can make you lose your concentration at work as you patiently spent your entire afternoon gazing at your smartphone, waiting for that guy or gal you swiped right on to send you a message.It’s for this reason that we recommend that you spend your spare time, no matter how little it is, talking to real life people.This is, perhaps, because it can be done at your office desk, during your work breaks, or even when your waiting for the bus. You spend a good chunk of your valuable time sending well-crafted messages to a number of potential dates, for only for a handful of them [if any] to respond.To a workaholic who’s only hurdle to getting a fine date is their work, internet dating can prove to consume a lot of precious time.Are you a workaholic trying to wade into the dating pool?To workaholics, it’s often a puzzle to know what led to the other—is it your dead personal life that ushered in a successful career or the other way round?

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Only bring someone else into the equation if you are willing make them a priority.

Even if you’re lucky enough to find someone understanding, you’ll still have to make more time than just one dinner out a week.

You have to be upfront about your work-ethics early on.

Seeing your workaholic tendencies as a positive changes the perspective a bit.

Losing part of yourself as the price you pay for entering a relationship will make you pickier for sure, but when you do deem someone worthy of this price, it is for keeps.

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