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“I just hope she’s OK because we love her.” Debra said, “She’s very sweet; she’s a really good kid.” “She does suffer from depression, and when she’s in that state of mind she’s very impressionable, and she’s not thinking rationally.“She’s an upstate kid, she knows nothing about the streets of New York,” Debra said. She has several tattoos, including a cat tattoo on her right hip, “LP” on her lower back and “Shai Hulad” on her mid-back. Her parents have printed up more than 15,000 fliers seeking information about Breanne’s whereabouts so they could be distributed by state police, NYPD officers and local cops in their hometown of Montgomery in Orange County.Typically they have sex with the adult on multiple occasions.Most of these crimes are statutory rather than forcible rapes2.In the vast majority of Internet sex crimes against young people, offenders did not actually deceive youth about the fact that they were adults who had sexual intentions.Acknowledging that they were older, the offenders seduced youth by being understanding, sympathetic, flattering, and by appealing to young people’s interest in romance, sex and adventure2.

Now her parents, Walter, a New York state trooper, and Debra, are terrified their daughter – who is bipolar – fell prey to a sexual predator on this line. Ironically, Debra and her husband got rid of their home computer 18 months ago out of fear their daughter would fall into such a trap through the Internet.Anyone with information should call the state police immediately at (845) 344-5300.A growing number of people are promoting Internet safety education in an effort to help keep youngsters safe from Internet sex offenders.Four percent of the youth in the YISS received solicitations in which the solicitor made or tried to make contact with the youth offline via telephone, offline mail or in person1.These are the online encounters most likely to lead to an offline sex crime.

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