Suggestions for updating louver bifold doors pod dating

And I moved an old black bookcase into the room (you can see it in the picture above on the left) to hold baskets and towels. Nowhere else in my house have I achieved such a dramatic impact and change for so little money (and relatively little effort! My mirror has the clips & “isn’t” glued to the wall.

) If you have a bathroom with those builder-grade cabinets – I say go for it! I had originally planned on doing the same thing Velco the mirror on.

The counter top is actually nice, so no change was needed there. The medicine cabinet was old and atrocious and had to be replaced!

(That would be my biggest expense.) The door to the shower/toilet area was an out-of-date, white-slated louvered door (shown in the picture above on the left).

It didn’t have a handle, so I drilled a hole it is so I could add a matching door knob.

Again, I don’t know how to get around the plastic clip thing. Thanks Anne Laurie, I have a black and cream bath I’m working on Decorating.

I have looked everywhere for a runner type rug just like yours to tie everything together…. You were right on the money about the high gloss black paint for the cabinets. My mirror was also glued to the wall – it was never coming off without severely damaging the drywall so those plastic clips were virtually “decorative”. I’ve been wanting to attack my bathroom but the only thing I’ve been brave enough to do is playing the walls and get accessories.

Then I put Liquid Nails on the back of the trim and glued the pieces to the mirror. And made all the difference in the world in modernizing that old plain mirror. It was a very exacting job to cover all the slats with the black paint and to avoid drips. Finally I pulled in some accessories from other places in the house.

Finally, I had to do something with this louvered door. The rug was originally in my hallway, I got it at Target. The candlesticks were originally in my living room.

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