Sagittarius dating virgo dating a borderline personality disorder

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Not to brag or anything but us, Sagittarians are notorious among astrology for being the most attractive personalities.

But there are many differences between people of your signs.

They tend to be lucky, and many of them tend to rely on this luck, rather than skill or effort, to make their way in this world.

He'll usually return criticism with brutal and insensitive comments intended to hurt.

Yet he will apologize almost instantly, because he really means no harm, and your words are likely to haunt him, at least for a while.

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If the other factors in the individual horoscope agree, this can be a very happy and solid relationship.But there is a magic in his optimism and his belief that life is here to be enjoyed that pushes your Mercurial variety button, and lead you straight into the heart of laughter and love.A Sagittarian Man hates being told what to do, and no matter how he behaves, he resents being called on it.By Brian Palenske Our Virgo Woman and Sagittarius Man compatibility rating is 7.The elements clash, but the qualities are the same.

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