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More than 15,300 Denver women — some college students, some not — are using the site as a sugar baby, and nearly 2,300 Denver men are registered sugar babies, too.Justin Jaramillo, interim director in the Financial Aid and Scholarships Office at CU Denver, said it’s no secret that college tuition, loans and living costs can be daunting. “Students are trying to find different ways to fund school and try not to take on the student loan burden that we all know can add up,” Jaramillo said.The arrangement is nothing new, but increasing tuition and student-loan debt paired with the ease of joining a site that facilitates these relationships are contributing to an increase of Colorado sugar baby relationships.“I was picking up shifts left and right,” said Vanessa, whose two steady sugar daddies ensure her nursing school externships don’t overwhelm her.“I want something that feels more like an actual girlfriend,” he said.“I want something that’s somewhere between a normal relationship and an arrangement.” There are more than 2,700 sugar daddies registered with Seeking Arrangement in the Denver area and 202 sugar mamas, according to the website.After taking her on a shopping spree at Cherry Creek mall, the 62-year-old man sporting a gray suit bought a Starbucks cake pop for Vanessa, 23, and left the mall alone.

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The website and its mission seemed to fly under the radar of local law enforcement — who all agreed on the site’s legality but said they’d never heard of it — and alarmed experts concerned about the young adults’ possible victimization. The University of Colorado was ranked 18th out of 20 fastest-growing sugar baby schools for this past year.Since July, she’s had six who lasted a month or longer and several more who have just been single dates. “Honestly, older guys have a lot more to offer,” Vanessa said.Vanessa hasn’t filled in her parents on the details of her sugar-daddy dating life. Although Belknap, the CU professor, worries about the young people’s exploitation, she says she does not pass judgment on young women for trying to get a degree.Students attending CU Denver on average pay more than ,500 in annual tuition and typically complete college with nearly ,000 of debt, according to the U. He was not familiar with students using sugar daddies or mamas to pay the bills.With shopping bags at her feet, Vanessa explained that she gets a monthly “allowance” provided by her sugar daddies that varies from 0 to ,000 depending on the guy.

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