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On her Facebook page, Cederstam posted: "It puts mine and my family's reputation at stake!I'll start deleting 'friends' on FB, will just keep those I'm actually close to as I see my photos on different websites even though it is set on private.Identity theft Cederstam immediately filed a complaint with the National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) against the identity thief and a sting operation was set up.Tan was arrested by the NBI Technical Investigation Division while she was collecting the money sent by the Australian. FWIW, a 'call center' job in the Philippines is a better than average job, there, and highly sought after...she was not a poor, starving (Pics show her as chubby) disadvantaged lady.....

He said the suspect had convinced him to send money to the Philippines because the suspect claimed there is no one to support her financially as both her parents are dead.Tan said she was able to trace Cederstam’s personal background through Facebook."Itong anak ko inaalagaan ko ang reputasyon, pinaaral para magkaroon ng magandang reputasyon, sa'yo lang masira?Yes, Cederstam is a Filipina, resides and works in Philippines though father is a Norwegian.According to the report, when Hans de Kraker (Australian victim) discovered the true identity of alias "Jen Matheson" (Louella Tan) immediately contacted the true owner of the pictures and personal information used by the fraudster who is Janka Cederstam.

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