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Doing so before you know them well enough, especially on the first date, is seriously asking for trouble.

If you’re pressured by your date at any time, end the date immediately. • Always have your own ride, even if you take a taxi. • Do not risk having personal items or information stolen.

PLEASE read them carefully before you venture out to communicate, meet and ultimately date people from this site. Use the member-to-member messaging feature provided by the MODINCA software platform in order to protect your identity until you decide to reveal it through email, IM or other means.

Do not provide any personal information – your full name, phone number, home address, email address, place of work, etc. Use extra caution when accessing your account from a public or shared computer so that others cannot view or record your password or other personal information.

Get to know the other person before meeting them offline Remain anonymous using MODINCA’s messaging feature until you feel comfortable before disclosing personal information or meeting in person.

We do not conduct criminal background screenings of our users, so if you would like more information about someone, please use the internet and government resources. Meet for the first time in a populated, public location – never in a private or remote location, never at your home or apartment, and never at your date's home or apartment.

The following are the steps that we STRONGLY RECOMMEND that our members adhere to while dating, both online and offline.

Additionally, please report anyone who violates our Terms of Service .

Some of the examples of Terms of Service violations include but not limited to: • Request for money or donations • Married people or minors using the service • Members sending harassing or offensive emails/IMs • Members behaving inappropriately before, during or after meeting in person • Fraudulent registration or profiles • Spam or solicitation, such as invitations to call 1-900 numbers or attempts to sell products or services Meeting someone for the first time is exciting, however, always take precautions and use the following guidelines.

Also ask specific questions about their relationship with family and friends.

Make note of the information given and inquire about it again at a future date to see if there are any discrepancies.

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