Perfect opening line for online dating

When it comes to online dating, it’s a bloody war zone. With the introduction of Bumble - the app removing the stigma of online dating by putting the ball in the woman's court - us ladies are now forced to face this fear head on in our quest to find love.

Littered with landmines, unspoken rules and constant rejection, navigating the uncertainty of finding ‘the one’ on a dating app is… From curating your photos to crafting the perfect bio, it’s a lot of hard work, yeah? But rather than seeing this as a spiky rose bush filled with thorns you have to fight through, think of it as an opportunity to take charge and showcase your dazzling personality.

What a coincidence, I too enjoy the sun, kissing, and after a few drinks, dancing.

We should combine the three and make a night of it this weekend." No, they didn't end up together, but years later it still brings a smile to her face.

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These are our personal favourites: In 2017, daters are now armed with an internet's worth of media to communicate.And unfortunately for us, the most important part of the whole process also happens to be the most frightening… OK, so making the first move isn't the easiest thing in the world, especially if you're shy at the best of times.The 24-hour countdown ticking in your ear can also be nerve-wracking." One staffer once had a guy play this card on her (she had a sun, wink kiss face and dancing girl emojis in her profile).It went something like this: "From your profile I can see you enjoy hanging out in the sunshine, kissing and dancing...

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