Not interested in dating quotes

Britney Spears Download Wallpaper: I'm not interested in dating. Certain women, particularly older women, cannot believe I like going to a social event by myself. Gloria Allred Download Wallpaper: Last guy I was interested in turned out to be an incestuous necrophiliac," she said.

"So no, not currently dating, and definitely not doing any more shopping in the 'sociopath' category Mira Grant Download Wallpaper: I'm much more interested in what an actor has to say about something substantial and important than who they're dating or what clothes they're wearing or some other asinine, insignificant aspect of their life.

Remember men are never to busy to get what they want.” ― Greg Behrendt “I wondered what happened when you offered yourself to someone, and they opened you, only to discover you were not the gift they expected and they had to smile and nod and say thank you all the same.” ― Jodi Picoult, “Well?

I think the madness started the moment we met and you shook my hand. When it comes time to settle down, find someone who wants an equal partner.As a woman leader, I thought I brought a different kind of leadership.I was interested in women's issues, in bringing down the population growth rate...I always hated high-school shows and high-school movies, because they were always about the cool kids.It was always about dating and sex, and all the popular kids, and the good-looking kids.

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