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The focus in this production is on Dracula’s eponymous daughter, Hungarian Countess Maja Zaleska, played by stunningly melancholic Gloria Holden.

How it came about that she could claim that title above all other vampire girls he sired is left unanswered, but she gets to repeat the classic “I don’t drink.

Wine.” Though she is ultimately after psychiatrist Dr Jeffrey Garth (Otto Kruger), she also approaches two possible female victims.

That lesbian angle, not unsurprising for the time this was filmed in, is only ever so subtle, but clear enough to warrant an inclusion in this list.

Some of the fetishistic clothes on display alone warrant at least a cursory viewing.

Remember this is not a Top 10 of the Most Intelligent Movies Of All Time and, yes, that final song is embarrassing, but when you immerse yourself in a movie marathon with scores of films featuring beautifully shot - but often slow moving - dream scenes, then every once in a while you need a stupid but entertaining Hammer production to keep you awake.

We see a dodgy Lugosi lookalike in a coffin and Van Helsing being arrested for his murder.You never know when your hot date could be surreptitiously trying to collect your DNA.Oh, and one more thing, courtesy the lovely Feromoon.Directed by Roger Vadim, who always had to marry his leading ladies, stars his then-wife Annette Vadim as Carmilla.Drenched in absolutely stunning, beautiful colors and imagery, and with a delightful musical score, this is a feast for the eyes and also features some haunting black and white dream sequences with splashes of red a la .

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