Is a christian dating an atheist a sin

The Bible was teaching that Jesus took the penalty upon Himself, so that I might be forgiven for free, not by my good works, not by my religious rituals, but simply by receiving Him, placing my faith in Him for the forgiveness of sin. I did exactly that, experienced a spiritual rebirth, every trace of guilt departed, and I have lived with that freeing reality ever since.

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At the same time, I came to commit some particularly immoral atrocity, was rather brutally struck with guilt, and got to finally understand the Gospel: Jesus died on the cross to pay the penalty for my own sin; mine; the very thing that was killing me inside.Did you find any particular facts or evidences compelling?Bignon: I didn’t have the language for this at the time, the word ‘apologetics’ never came up in my conversations with that Pastor in France, but we were clearly engaged in the process of asking thoughtful questions about the faith, and he was providing consistent answers from his biblical worldview.I never read a book in my life that wasn’t mandatory for school.And after my conversion, I couldn’t stop, and read all I could get my hands on, to learn about the faith, the Bible, philosophy, logic, history, anything related to questions or objections about God, and I was hooked.

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