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Go swing dancing – Only do this if you know she likes to dance (and if you can dance); otherwise, it will be truly awkward.7.

Go to a wine tasting – If you’re both wine-os, visiting a local winery for a wine-tasting would be a perfect first date.

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Pool hall – Take her to a pool hall and kick her butt in pool.

Or let her win…but don’t tell her you did or she’ll want to punch you in the nose.5.

He/she may enjoy an active date where you play a game or sport, an adventurous date where you can feel like kids again or try something new, a casual date like dinner and a movie, or a more intimate date like dessert and a moonlit stroll.

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Planning a First-Date Location Going on an Active First Date Going on an Adventurous First Date Going on a Casual First Date Going on an Intimate First Date Community Q&A The scene is familiar: a couple eating dinner together before heading out to a movie.

Read aloud together – Maybe you’re a nerdy couple who met over books, so what could be cuter and more perfect than bringing your favorite books to read together on your first date?

Reading them aloud together will give you some conversation fodder.6.

Netflix & chill – A quiet night in, chillaxing, is the perfect date for two homebodies.12.

Out to coffee – Grabbing a cup of coffee together is a go-to for those who want to get to know each other with easy conversation and a cup of joe, backed by smooth jazz.13.

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