Dating the second time around

Now reflecting on my initial time here, my perception of myself and my life in the city was very far from reality.

Indrani chose a stunning white dress and hand made herself a stunning brooch bouquet, wanting any monies to be spent on things they could courtesy of Carolyn Colling My own first wedding was super traditional from the church, the 350 guests, few of which I actually even knew, to the giant dress and the almost obligatory DJ, playing some pretty obnoxious wedding music through the night.I am not sure if I will get ever get married again, but I do know for sure it will not be a traditional.My brother told me he didn’t know who I was anymore. The truth had caught up with me, and I realised that my relationship with this beautiful city had become toxic. Upon returning to the country, it became apparent that the life I led in the city wasn’t healthy and I’d got it all very wrong.What I thought I wanted in this relationship was very far from what I needed.

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