Dating tatooed women kristin russo and dannielle owens reid dating

Within the tattooed population, about half of them have more than one, and 18% have six or more. Not only are we changing the face of things - - but some would actually say that they prefer a significant other with tattoos. Here's some proof that inked up gals are hot: She likes that she’s got something on her skin that no one else has.

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This is why she has no inhibitions about telling certain stories through tattoos on her body.

I'm not saying she has to look like she just came from a secret Hell's Angels hideout, or have much ink at all, really. Here are the 15 reasons to always chase the girl with the tattoo.

I will say, however – for whatever reason – it just feels like the sexiest women have a tattoo somewhere on their bodies. She doesn’t care about what’s “trendy” or what the “scene” is doing; in fact, she prefers standing out.

Years ago, tattoos held a strong stigma of being trashy, tacky, or low class; however, today’s millennial kids have changed that outdated thought.

According to Pew Research Center, nearly 40% of American teenagers and 20-somethings have a tattoo.

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