Dating freak hot

BUT you EVENTUALLY might need to have a conversation with him.The fact that he expressed his emotions (“I’m terrified,”) may have been his way of opening up to you.

Though you may just be trying to express your innermost emotions with your eyes alone, he'll just wonder, "Am I not doing this right?

In fact, it’s the basis of everything I teach in my “Dating Dish.” Have a drama-free day!

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And if he DOESN’T come to that conclusion on his own… From the details you’ve given me it seems fairly certain that his sudden freak out has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with you!

Well, then, why waste another second of our precious time on a doofus who can’t recognize how fabulous we are anyway?!? I have not given up hope, but truly don’t understand. -Sandra Atlanta, GA” ************************************************************ ************************************************************ My Response: “Hi Sandra, Okay, first I’ll join you in a scream because men can be SO frustrating and confusing sometimes… Have you read Chapter 12 of my e-book “Dating Without Drama” yet?

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