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All non-geographic numbers offer similar functionality, with the main difference being the charge levied on the caller.The major non-geographic prefixes now in use are: 08 numbers are free-to-caller from landlines, mobile phones and payphones alike.The 0500 number range will be withdrawn during 2017.Major mobile phone operators went through a period of charging callers to dial most freephone numbers from around 2005 onwards - but this practice largely ceased on 1 July 2015 as 08 numbers became universally free to call from mobiles and landlines due to changes in Ofcom legislation.Non-geographic numbers are used for various reasons, from providing flexible routing of incoming phone calls to generating revenue for paid-for services.Non-geographic numbers were introduced to offer services that were historically unavailable on standard landline phone numbers, particularly in terms of call routing and special charging arrangements.

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The service charge is charged at the same rate regardless of which telephone company the caller uses to make the call.The organisation receiving the call pays the cost of the call.Numbers starting with '03' are non-geographic numbers charged at standard geographic rates.The rate that applies must be detailed wherever the number is publicised and falls into the following bands: While there is no official central repository for Service Charge information, the Federation of Communications Services (FCS) has provided an interactive online facility to look up the Service Charge for any 084, 087, 09 or 118 number.Numbers starting 070 are intended to offer non-geographic number functionality to individuals - such as by allowing people to have a single number that directs calls to their home, work or mobile phone as they choose.

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