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When talking between two Java applications, if both have access to the same code, I personally prefer to send Java Object between the two applications.

Actually it will still a stream of bytes that will be sent over the internet but Java will do the job of serializing and deserializing the Java objects for you.

You can run both the Client and the Server in GUI mode or only one of the two in GUI mode. When you establish connections over TCP it is only a serie of bytes that are actually sent over the wire.

You can find your credentials when you create an app after signing up for a free account.

Feel more than free to let us know what you end up building with Pusher and Android!

Jamie is one of Pusher's Growth Engineers, and loves playing with new technology and working some realtime magic on them.

So fire up your server, and run your mobile app either in an emulator or on your device.

Meanwhile, open up the Pusher Debug Console for your app on your dashboard.

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