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Filed Under: Truth Since Zyzz passed there has been a rumour going around that he was gay, or at least bi-sexual. But these kind of rumours are spiteful digs at Zyzz’s legend. Not that there is anything wrong with being gay, of course, each to their own.No es necesario crear un perfil nuevo o hablar de tus aficiones, o cosas así, antes de poder tener un poco de diversión.Al utilizar nuestra ruleta de chat gay tipo Chatroulette obtendrás directamente la acción que estás buscando, en un sitio en donde la mayoría de los hombres sólo quieren desnudarse y verte desnudo.

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Throughout his studies he also worked part-time as a stripper with the male revue, Sydney Hotshots.It is very likely the appearance at Gossip Sundays was a promotion for Hot Shots.You might ask why he would dance in a group like Hot Shots, isn’t that for gay guys? Guys with awesome aesthetic bodies make a lot of money out of dancing, and most of them are not gay. He wouldn’t ignore someone or hate or a person because they were gay or fat, or any other difference that sets them apart from others. The rumours surrounding Zyzz’s sexuality actually flared up after he was pictured at Gossip Sundays, a gay night at Love Machine in Melbourne, Australia.People started questioning what the hell he was doing there if indeed he wasn’t gay. Zyzz was a model, a highly in demand pin-up guy, and like it or not, he was popular with men and women.

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