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So in late 2014, it started tinkering with other ideas.

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Those required IP addresses that could be attacked by trolls, rented servers and clumsy apps. Low-friction usage, no renting servers, beautiful design we took from mobile.” Discord launched in May 2016 and has been a rocket ship ever since.It wants to be the home for gamer clans strategizing and trash-talking with each other.After out-gunning its gaming-specific competitors like Team Speak, Mumble and Ventrilo with a secret million fundraise earlier this year, Discord is setting its sights on Skype.But the company is considering launching in-app purchases to enhance the new video features and earn some extra cash.The company insists that the majority of its users are gamers chatting with small groups of friends, where someone calling someone else a colorful, profanity-laced name is more a joke than a harassment issue.

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